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STONE BY STONE: Together We Build - Nehemiah PT 6

Sunday, 31 December 2017

"STONE BY STONE: Together We Build"

Speaker: Pr. Kevin Stout

Main Readings: Nehemiah 6


“Accomplishing Audacious Goals” - Nehemiah 6; Pastor David Holt


Unwavering commitment to the task (Nehemiah 1-6)


Resilience in the face of attacks (Nehemiah 6:1-7, 10-14)


Godly and honest character (Nehemiah 6:8-9)


Reliance on the Holy Spirit (Neh. 6:15-16)


If your goal doesn’t require God’s help maybe it isn’t big enough


Suggested Reading: Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung; Nehemiah by Gene Getz; Hand Me Another Brick by Charles Swindoll

Accomplishing Audacious Goals Requires:


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